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Have you completed the Foundational Coaching Clinic or at least 16 hours of approved coach-specific training based on ICF Core Competencies and the QuickStep Coaching Practicum? (If not, do not submit this form. If you are uncertain, contact the QuickStep Coaching Coordinator using the Contact Us form.)*
Have you coached at least five (5) sessions since taking the QuickStep Coaching Practicum?:*
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Your current profession or occupation and place of service:*
Highest level of Education:*
How long have you been coaching?*
When did you last coach someone? (Month / Year)*
Was it for pay or "pro bono"?*
Rate yourself on the quality of your last coaching session using a scale of 1 - 10. (1 = Poor, 10 = Excellent)*
Have you ever coached a client for more than 5 consecutive sessions?*
Where did you receive your basic coach-specific training?*
If other, list all coach-specific training you have received. (Name of course, number of hours, training provider, year of training.)
Highest level of coach training based on ICF Core Competencies:*
List all languages you are willing to coach: (Ex - Spanish, English, Korean, German, Portuguese, etc.)*
Have you read and do you understand the QuickStep Network Requirements for certification?*
What church do you attend? If any. (Name & City)*
What makes you a good candidate to coach for QuickStep Coaching? (100 words or less)*
What is your strongest coaching skill?*
What is your weakest coaching skill that you are currently working on?*
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