BGCT Church Planter’s Coaching Agreement

According to your BGCT New Church Covenant, you agreed to “relate to an approved BGCT Coach.” The Baptist General Convention of Texas has contracted with QuickStep Coaching to help you fulfill this requirement. As a Christian coaching organization, we are excited to provide this service to help you be a more successful church planter.

This document forms a record of the relationship between you as a church planter and QuickStep Coaching. Its intent is simply to ensure that we both understand the ground rules and the scope of our work together. QuickStep Coaching will assign you a certified life coach based on the information given to us by your BGCT Church Starter.

Start date: This agreement starts with our first coaching session and will extend for 12 months.

Coaching Sessions: Our Christian coaching is primarily conducted by telephone, and your coach will be calling you at agreed upon times. Please make sure you are available and that your coach has your correct phone number at all times.

Coaching Schedule: Your two sessions each month will last 30-45 minutes each. It is very important that appointments are set at convenient times when you can talk without interruption or distraction. Consistent days and times each month will promote good stewardship. Let’s work hard to honor our appointments as we would for any doctor or counselor. It is very hard to reschedule a missed appointment. Confirmation of your next appointment will be set at the end of each session. Any missed session (not made up in the same month) will prompt a report to your personal BGCT Church Starter and/or BGCT Church Starting Director.

Changes: If you must reschedule your appointment for an emergency or illness, please notify your coach as quickly as possible. If you do not answer a scheduled call, for any reason, and provide no advanced notice, we will be forced to log it as a missed session for the month. Likewise, if your coach needs to reschedule for an emergency or illness, you should expect a notice at least 12 hours prior to the appointment – if at all possible.

Coaching Fee: This Christian Coaching service is FREE to you; however, a Texas Baptists donor has made a $3,000 investment on your behalf because they feel that life coaching will help you be a better church planter. We agree, and believe that time with your coach will be a blessing to your ministry.

Preparation: Please be ready at each coaching session to share what is happening at your new church. Your coach will listen and help you focus on one specific area you want to work on. Expect your coach to assist you in developing specific action steps to accomplish that task.

Termination: If your coach ever says or does anything that upsets you or doesn’t feel right, please let him know. If satisfaction cannot be reached, please call me at 903-262-4955 and I will help you resolve it as quickly as possible. Our objective is for you to have a coaching relationship that is fully open, honest, real and trusting within your communication style. Because your New Church Covenant requires this Christian coaching service, the only way it can be terminated is with approval from the BGCT Church Starting Director.

Limitations: Your coach will be a trained and certified life coach, and can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. However, coaching is not, nor can it be substituted for psychological counseling or therapy. It will be your responsibility to find the appropriate licensed specialist if such services are ever needed.

Coaching Results are Not Guaranteed. You will be able to create your own results from each coaching session. Your coach will help you think about practical steps toward accomplishing your goals. Coercion is not a part of coaching. You are not expected to do anything, unless you want to do it; and you will always have our prayers for you and your family.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: The conversations in coaching sessions are confidential and will be protected as such. Sharing information outside of a coaching session is not allowed unless you give your written consent, or in the event that a Court Judge demands it. However, the following are instances where we are obligated by law to break our confidentiality agreement without your permission:

  • If it is assessed during your coaching sessions that abuse or neglect of children or elders is occurring.
  • If you threaten to harm another individual, and your coach is convinced that you will act on this threat, or that you may lose control of your actions.
  • If at any time during coaching sessions, it is determined that you are a danger to yourself, your coach will inform you of that opinion and make every effort to keep you from endangering your life. In some cases this may include notifying the police or family members.

However, we reserve the right to use examples drawn from coaching experiences using anonymous or fictitious characters for the purpose of education, training or promotion. The number for QuickStep Coaching is 903-262-4955.

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