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(See Requirements Below)

Call for Available Dates:  903-262-4955


Requirements for Hosting a Clinic:

  1. Schedule the clinic 60-90 days prior to the clinic date.
  2. A properly climate controlled room – at least 40′ x 60′ that can seat up to 12 people at tables facing the front.  A registration, refreshment and facilitator’s table.
  3. An electrical outlet within 20 feet of projector table (facilitator’s table).
  4. A large projection screen, smooth white wall, or large flat screen TV in the room.
  5. Video projector with sound system is optional, if there is no large flat screen TV.
  6. Provide coffee and water throughout the clinic.
  7. Promote the clinic to area businesses and churches.  We will provide a one-page full color promotional flyer for you to distribute when your date and location of clinic is approved. We will also promote through Constant Contact emailing around the state.
  8. Price of the clinic is $295 per person (includes tuition and materials).
  9. One FREE tuition provided for the clinic host.
  10. Minimum of 5 paying clients per clinic, within one week of clinic date to avoid cancelation.
  11. CLICK HERE for a Room Set Up Diagram for a Clinic.

Disclaimer:  We reserve the right to cancel a clinic if attendance requirements are not met.

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