Which Course is Right for Me?

whiteboardA quality coach needs to be fascinated by human potential, inspired by individual creativity and solidly committed to holding others creative and resourceful. Great coaches are people who are committed to their clients’ growth and to their own continuous learning.  Most people that love coaching others continue toward earning an ICF credential. The International Coach Federation offers three levels of credentials – ACC, PCC and MCC.  

The Foundational Coaching Clinic©  is designed for those new to coaching and want to learn the basic skills to become a coach in a personal, business or church setting. This course teaches you the basic principles of coaching, with supervised coaching practice, and exposes you to the ICF credentialing process.  This course or one similar (16-hours of coach-specific training) is a prerequisite for the QuickTrac Coaching Workshop.



The QuickStep Coaching Practicum© is a 4-week practice course to help you  

The QuickTrac Coaching Workshop© is an in-depth 44-hour coach-specific training that picks up where the Foundational Coaching Clinic© leaves off and dives deeper into the skills needed to become a professional coach.  Multiple practice sessions each day will increase your confidence and refine your coaching skills.

If you want to become a credentialed coach, both courses are needed and together satisfy the 60 hours of coach specific training for the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential with the ICF. 



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